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    公司尊崇“踏实、拼搏、责任”的企业精神,并以诚信、共赢、开创经营理念,创造良好的企业环境,以全新的管理模式,完善的技术,周到的服务,卓越的品质为生存根本,我们始终坚持“用户至上 用心服务于客户”,坚持用自己的服务去打动客户。


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pubdate: 2018 - 02 - 04
型号意义如 DKS  2400 – 125 ×3D       ——表示多级清水离心泵K       ——表示水平中开型式S       ——表示双进口吸水2400 ——表示设计点流量为2400m3/h125   ——表示设计点单级扬程为125m3       ——表示泵有效级数为3级
pubdate: 2018 - 02 - 04
pubdate: 2018 - 02 - 04
pubdate: 2018 - 02 - 04
pubdate: 2018 - 02 - 04
pubdate: 2018 - 02 - 04
pubdate: 2018 - 02 - 04
pubdate: 2018 - 02 - 04
pubdate: 2018 - 02 - 04
型  号:D(P)名  称:Self-balancing boiler feed pump流  量:3.75~1360m3/h扬  程:92~1384m配套功率:7.5~4000kw泵砣长度:1079~4885mm泵砣重量:99~10400kg行业领域:矿山,水利等材       料:HT200、HT250、QT600、ZG、304、316、316L、317L、904L、CD4-MCu等※温馨提示:商品的图片颜色已尽量接近实物,但因为拍摄时的光线、显示器的分辨率不同等因素,商品会存在一定的色差,请您谅解。
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Wholeheartedly    Sincere and faithful

Enterprises regard reputation as life and take service as a habit. Advocating pre-sale, sale, after-sales service, so that after-sales "zero failure, zero maintenance." We should improve the quality of service with the spirit of pursuing excellence and strive to deliver good products to users in time.

  To ensure users' ease of use of the company's products, the following provisions are made to make the company's after-sales service commitments:

1, the product allotment inspection certificate and user manual, to ensure that users can correctly install and use our company's products. Ask the buyer to design, install, use and maintain the product under the product instructions and other safety instructions, and have the obligation to train the other users of the product to know the information.

2. The supplier shall provide the technical conditions and information to meet the requirements of the equipment interface for the whole equipment that the buyer needs to purchase contract equipment.

3, the standard of acceptance by the buyer is the national standard, the industry standard, the specification and the other special requirements stipulated by the supplier and the buyer.

4, all the supporting products (such as matching motors, valves, electrical appliances, etc.) carry out the "Three Guarantees" policy of the original producers to protect the rights and interests of the buyers.

5, our company guarantees that the products manufactured are manufactured and tested according to the relevant national standards, and the unqualified products will never be manufactured. Ensure strictly fulfilling and cashing the three package of products, strictly executing the relevant provisions of the after sale service of the national industrial products, within 18 months from the date of delivery of the factory product or within 12 months of the installation of the product (limited to the first person), if the buyer can confirm that the product is properly installed and used in accordance with the method recommended by the company; and the product can be confirmed. If there is a design, material or processing defect and a written application to our company, we will be in the field as soon as possible to repair, recall, repair, replace or refund the total amount at the order price.

6, the user raises the quality objection to our company's products. The company guarantees to make the handling opinions within 24 hours after receiving the objection from the users. If you need to solve the problem at the scene, ensure that you send professional and technical personnel, and do not solve the quality problem. We will archive the product quality problems and processing results of each customer feedback.

7, after receiving customer service requirements, we will communicate within 1 hours, solve in 48 hours, and communicate with customers within 1 working days after the first service to implement further service solutions.

8, Changsha Canon Pump Co., Ltd. provides lifelong technical consultation and spare parts supply for the products.


After sale service and product quality promise

For the sale of products, Changsha Canon Pump Co., Ltd. made the following commitments:

1. the products of the company meet the technical requirements of the national standards, industry standards, enterprise standards or contractual stipulations, and satisfy the requirements of customers.

2. guarantees to the user to provide the advanced technology, the economical and reasonable product, carefully design, carefully manufacture, strictly according to the pattern, the standard, the program production, the disposal of the product quality problem, do not check the reason not to let go, do not correct the preventive measures not to let go, in order to ensure the product conformity quality.

3. arrange production strictly according to the delivery date and ensure delivery on time.

4. the normal service life of the unit is not less than 30 years, the overhaul period of the unit is five years, and the minor repair period is more than 1 years.

5. warm, thoughtful, meticulous service to the user, to provide the user with the water pump related technical information, and provide technical support, in our factory free of charge to the demand side personnel training.

6. inform the buyers and supervisors in advance of the quality defects during the manufacturing process. If the equipment defect exceeds the standard stipulated in the contract, the supplier will replace it unconditionally. In the process of installation and trial operation, the quality problems of the equipment occur. First, deal with the problems, then distinguish responsibilities, all in order to meet the requirements of the project schedule.

7. for the equipment provided in the process of manufacturing, transportation, loading and unloading, when accidents occur, we will replace and repair the equipment for free as soon as necessary until the demand side is satisfied.

8. in case of missing parts and missing parts caused by other reasons during the opening process, we will free up spare parts as soon as possible. We shall be responsible for the installation and commissioning of the equipment and the quality problems found in the operation of the equipment in the future.

9. the company does not regularly send technicians or after-sale service personnel to the factory to return visits and tracking services, and to communicate and communicate with the factory related personnel.

10. the quality guarantee period is one year.

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