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release: 2018 - 02 - 04
型号意义如 DKS  2400 – 125 ×3D       ——表示多级清水离心泵K       ——表示水平中开型式S       ——表示双进口吸水2400 ——表示设计点流量为2400m3/h125   ——表示设计点单级扬程为125m3       ——表示泵有效级数为3级
release: 2018 - 02 - 04
release: 2018 - 02 - 04
release: 2018 - 02 - 04
release: 2018 - 02 - 04
release: 2018 - 02 - 04
release: 2018 - 02 - 04
release: 2018 - 02 - 04
release: 2018 - 02 - 04
型  号:D(P)名  称:Self-balancing boiler feed pump流  量:3.75~1360m3/h扬  程:92~1384m配套功率:7.5~4000kw泵砣长度:1079~4885mm泵砣重量:99~10400kg行业领域:矿山,水利等材       料:HT200、HT250、QT600、ZG、304、316、316L、317L、904L、CD4-MCu等※温馨提示:商品的图片颜色已尽量接近实物,但因为拍摄时的光线、显示器的分辨率不同等因素,商品会存在一定的色差,请您谅解。
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development history

Date: 2014-11-14
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browse: 227

1983: former chairman Luo Qiushi set up Liuxi Industrial Pump Factory

1988: the first multistage pump was developed and manufactured successfully. For the first time, the production capacity of the whole pump was produced. In Changsha, the sales company of Changsha Canon Pump Co., Ltd. was set up in Changsha.

1989: Liuxi industrial pump factory is renamed Changsha industrial pump fittings factory.

1995: Changsha industrial pump fittings factory is upgraded to Changsha multistage pump plant.

1998: December 31st: Changsha multistage pump plant turnover exceeded ten million

2000: Changsha multistage pump plant is converted into Changsha Canon Pump Co., Ltd.

2002: the company implemented total quality management and passed the ISO9001:2000 version of the international quality management system certification.

September 20, 2004: Luo Ruixiang, the current managing director, succeeds the former chairman, Mr. Luo Qiushi, in charge of Canon pump industry.

2005: Changsha Canon general pump Co., Ltd. was established. The project was selected by the Ministry of construction, and the air conditioning and energy-saving water pump was evaluated as "a series of product promotion projects for building energy conservation".

2005: through the first batch of coal mine products safety certification, so far, the entire series of coal products have been certified by coal safety.

2006: set up energy conservation department, specializing in water pump energy saving technology transformation and installation works and services.

January 18, 2007: Canon passed ISO9001:2008 quality certification of China Quality Certification Center

2008: Canon developed the first D450-95*8 (P) self balancing multistage centrifugal pump in China.

April 24, 2008: Changsha Changjia Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd.

December 31, 2008: Canon turnover is fifty million

2009: Canon successfully developed a series of D (P), DG (P) energy saving self balanced multistage centrifugal pump series, which is the first creation in China and fills the blank of the domestic self balanced multistage centrifugal pump.

In 2009, we successfully developed a series of new energy-efficient Self-priming pumps developed by Changsha science and Technology Bureau.

June 4, 2009: cooperating with Guangzhou Changning group, Changsha Changjia automation equipment Co., Ltd. is formally established. It specializes in the design, production and service of the monitoring and monitoring system of pump automation equipment and the design, production and sale of automatic instruments and instruments.

2009: passed the "provincial high and new technology enterprise" and "provincial famous trademark" certification.

November 1, 2009: leaders of Hunan Economic Commission and Hunan machinery industry management office visit Canon to conduct technical appraisement of new products.

2011 06 month: Canon successfully customized the model MD450 - 95 * 11 (P) self balanced multistage pump for the Anqing copper mine of Tongling nonferrous metal group. It is also the first self balanced multistage pump for kilometer wells. From then on, it has a thousand meters of production into the country.

2011: for further development, the company made a major decision on the new plant planning, and the new plant started construction.

04 month of 2012: Canon successfully developed the highest lift (1140m), the maximum power (1800KW), the model MDS450 - 95 x 12 (P) multistage pump for the Yangdong mine of the Jizhong energy peak group.

05 months in 2012: Canon successfully developed the multi-stage pump with the largest flow rate (1200m3/h) and the model MDS1200 - 85 x 3 (P) for the first phase of fubun vanadium titanium water supply.

2012 04: Canon wins the national rescue center project

2012 08: Canon wins the national rescue center project

November 2012: the new factory is completed and Canon is relocated as a whole

2014: Canon developed the large flow and high lift multistage pump for the Ningxia agricultural water conservancy project with the largest flow rate (2400m3/h) and model MDS2400-85x5 (P).

In 2016: Canon independently developed DKS series multistage intermediate pump with a flow rate up to (4000m3/h), filling the blank of domestic high flow high lift pump.

In 2016, the EPC and resin sand casting technology were introduced to optimize the products.

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